Outfit | Bench-tastic

Photos of a little trip to town before the festivities began. Thai food, I love you!


Snow Day

Well we did ask for snow this Christmas :)


Polka Nails Grace Green

Nail Varnish: Models Own Grace Green

A bit messy I know but I'm moving nail art right now. It's a great addiction and not as expensive as clothes. My friend did these for me last night. They're so easy to do jut get a nail pen! I know what I'll be doing the Christmas.


Check it out!

I've been working for the amazing brand Motel Rocks! My street style photos are finally on their blog which is beyond amazing. So check them out and check out my stylish picks. What do you think??


On the 10th day of Christmas Jack Wills gave to meeee

My gems from the Jack Wills Student night! Friday was amazing, we got free drinks, a live band and goody bag worth, wait for it...£75!! All for a mere £10. BARGAIN
I've decided to share my Jack Wills scarf with my lovely sister because it is the season and she'd steal it anyway. 


Today ¦ It's Floral

Top H&M// Skirt Bench

My sister ad I have the same skirt in different colours, do you guys do that? We both we straight for it when we were shopping - but if you ask her she'll say I pushed her out if the way... My memory is fuzzy!
I wasn't really a floral girl, but this bright design just caught my eye. Plus, my skirt brings in a little bit of summer.


Today ¦ High-Waisted Baby

Top H&M//Skirt Bebe//Snood H&M//Shoes Dune

I finally found a snood that doesn't shed. At £5, it was a bargain! These are my new shoes, got them on sale. Yeaa buddy. They're suede and I haven't sprayed them with a protector yet, so I'm a bit scared. If anyone steps on them or something spills on them, I will have a mini heart attack #truestory.