Today ¦ It's Floral

Top H&M// Skirt Bench

My sister ad I have the same skirt in different colours, do you guys do that? We both we straight for it when we were shopping - but if you ask her she'll say I pushed her out if the way... My memory is fuzzy!
I wasn't really a floral girl, but this bright design just caught my eye. Plus, my skirt brings in a little bit of summer.


Today ¦ High-Waisted Baby

Top H&M//Skirt Bebe//Snood H&M//Shoes Dune

I finally found a snood that doesn't shed. At £5, it was a bargain! These are my new shoes, got them on sale. Yeaa buddy. They're suede and I haven't sprayed them with a protector yet, so I'm a bit scared. If anyone steps on them or something spills on them, I will have a mini heart attack #truestory.


I'm Talking Loafers

Kanye West photo source DLKW

1. Rebecca Minkoff    

This is the only time I want what Kanye has. So I want a pair! Seriously, these babies are amazing. If only I had a thousand euros lying around to go buy a pair of louboutin loafers... A girl can dream.


Petite Selection of the Week

Photo sources Topshop and Wallis

Long time no post, uni has been hectic. And I'm still waiting on that tripod. Luckily I have been shopping and will post my new beauties later on this week! But for now, a little about the selection: 

1. Pink Jumper from Topshop. Great was to brighten up a grey day, and there have been loads of those this week.
2. Boxy jumper from Wallis. I like the Chanel Cheap and Chic vibe.
3. Burgundy trousers from wallis. Very big this season, hope you have a pair!
4. White blouse, Topshop. I've been looking for a shoulder-less blouse for a while. Love this one! So neutral, it can go with anything.


Today ¦ Check Shirt

Shirt, Cheap Monday. Leggings, MKI. Boots, Dune (old). Nail Varnish 

Once again comfort is key with this simple outfit. I'm a huge fan of oversized tops and menswear, so of course I couldn't walk away from this oversized mens shirt when I saw it in Cheap Monday! The leggings didn't show up that well in these photos so have a look here for more.
I just had to show you my nails, they're horrible. I've been neglecting them for a while now, but I think I'll have to sit down and show them some TLC! 


It's Not Fair

Ph source: http://www.afterdrk.com/

Have you ever gotten this feeling: you see a dress online and you just know it was made for your body?

I just wasted an hour google searching 'tina dress samsoe' to death. You don't understand, I need this maxi dress! Sabrina from afterdrk.com wore it to an event and now I'm obsessed with it.

Why can't I have it?
A .I don't live in Denmark (the Samsoe is based there)
B. Their online store is horrendous (they don't have the version of the dress I want)

I'm not giving up though, you will end up in my closet Tina Dress.