Oops, I Did It Again

I bought a pair of shoes. Something is wrong with me. But they're so cute. I had to have them.
Maybe I should go to rehab??


Today ¦ Burgundy & Stripes

Skirt, American Apparel. Top & Tights, Comptoirs Des Cotonniers .
It was raining today, surprise surprise. So i decided to whip out my waterproof skirt. I bought it about 2 years ago but I don't wear it very often. It's got an elasticated waist when is really comfortable when you sit down, no muffin top! 

Sorry about the photos, I am still in improvement mode when it come to the camera. But I'll get there!

Can't believe next week is halloween, I need to think about my costume...


Sorry Winter, It's Versace for H&M

ph source: l'express.fr

Until the collection hits stores on the 17th of November, these beauties are the only thing I can share with you.
At first I was skeptical about this collection. The previous Jimmy Choo and Lanvin collaborations were disappointing, poorly made and overpriced. But now I can't wait to get a hold of some Donatella's studs! I mean, the studded black and gold dress looks amazing. With all the beading, theses pieces are going to weigh a ton. So I'll definitely get my moneys worth. 

Can't wait can't wait can't wait!  (I hope I won't need to have anything tailored to fit my short legs)


Petite Selection of the Week

1. Topshop.   2. Kurt Geiger.   3. Miss Selfridge.   4. Topshop.   5. Je voudrais etre une princesse (here!)  6.  Miss Selfridge

My selection this week is quite autumn,. Loving the soft colours and neutrals right now.
The black playsuit has a lace back, a nice hidden detail. The brown wedges caught my eye because I love their chocolate shade. They would be very versatile too. Je voudrais etre une princesse make wonderful shoes that are quite cheap compared to the Kurt Geiger heels featured. But I still can't get enough of KG!


True Blue

I bought this a couple of days ago and finally found the time to do my nails. Et voilĂ !
I've been looking for a deep blue for a while, something to rival Chanel's Blue Satin at a fraction of the price. But now I'm not to sure about the colour matching my skin, it's almost black. I usually wear neutrals or bright colours. It'll just take some getting used to. 


Window Shopping's Overrated

If I see it I'm gonna take it
So this weekend I dipped into my savings and went on a mini spree. I think I need to go to shoppers anonymous or something... Oh well! This is how I justify each purchase:
The red jumper from Mango is a season must. How do you expect me to brave the northern wind if I don't have a chunky knit? And I got a student discount.
The black leggings from MIYUKI-ZOKU? They are a wardrobe staple worth every penny. These babies are built to last and I can wear them with anything. They also have a cool line down the middle.
Finally, the green lace dress from Ark. I don't own a lace dress, so there!

MIYUKI-ZOKU is a great up and coming brand in Leeds, you should definitely check them out. And did you see the attention to detail on their shopping bags, so cute!


Today ¦ Comfort

Jumper, United Colors Of Benetton. Watch, Nixon Pendant Spree

Today's outfit is all about the comfort. I woke up and was like, I just want to be warm all day! It's nothing special but it does the trick. I love my watch though. It adds some much needed bling to the outfit. 

The weather has been so unpredictable up north. These last few days I don't know whether to rip out my denim cut offs or bring out the knitwear. Seriously season, make up your mind! My work load has also been crazy, I feel like everything is piling up...
So I went shopping yesterday! (I tried not to but I couldn't help myself). I'll post my new items soon.

Hope you all had a good week
bisous bisous


Students' Night In

Accent clothing store, Leeds

Last night was great! I went to a student lock-in at Warehouse in Leeds. For those of you who don't know, student lock-ins are special discounted shopping nights when a store opens after hours just for students. This was my second one! 
It was quieter than the other one I'd been to. But that just mean I could browse to my heart's desire without having to worry about massive queues. Warehouse caters to a more mature woman but the're were some great accessories and with 20% off, they're was no excuse not to buy. But I'm living on a budget!

The next shop was Accent. I'd never really noticed it but the music coming form the shop was just calling my name. They were actually doing a student lock-in too. Accent had great stock but it was a little out of my price range. Of course I had to fall in love with their Barbour jackets and Maison Scotch Jumpers. The red dress picture was amazing too, I couldn't bare to try it on. As I left the shop empty handed this song was on replay in my mind: I wanna be a billionaire...


Today ¦ Motel Rocks!

Skirt, Zara. Top, Motel.

It's official guys, I am the Motel Rocks Student Ambassador for Leeds. I can't believe it!
I applied months back and didn't hear from them so I obviously thought I hadn't won.I was so happy when I got the news! I was on my back from the library so naturally I did a happy dance in the middle of the street after reading the email on my phone. 

Today's outfit is just an ode to Motel and the way it rocks! Seriously their clothes are amazing. Great for daytime and evening. They've even started doing galaxy print which is all over lookbook.nu. I'm so happy I'll get to help the brand expand! They're going to send me tasks each month which is so exciting. I can't wait to get started!