Petite Selection of the Week

I'd like to start doing a weekly review of my favorite petite garments in store this week. It's actually quite funny that not all high street stores cater to the 5''3 and under. So here they my lovelies!
The black quilted jacket is from Dorothy Perkins. I normally skip this shop on my many shopping trips, but this jacket has changed everything. The jacket screams Made in Chelsea and would be great for that Autumn/Winter transition which will soon be upon us.                                                                            
The Topshop khaki hooded parka is another contender for the chilly transition. It's great for rainy, windy days when you just want to cover up. This has to be the best (and only) petite parka this season.                                                       
These dark Topshop trousers would be great to achieve that tailored look without needing to go to a tailor! Shopping, uni, internship: I could wear these anywhere. 
I couldn't resist the Topshop sequin tee, need I say more?


Lazy Summer Days

Here's the last installment of my Spanish adventure. Thought I'd show you where I've been staying.
1. A beautiful sunrise
2. The view of the other apartments in the complex from the balcony
3. The communal garden
4. The private swimming pool (sorry, I had to take it lying down. I was too tired)
5. The apartments

All in all minus the screaming children around the pool it was a nice holiday, I can't wait to go back to Gava and hopefully make enough time to discover Barcelona.


Gava Beach

Here are a view pictures of our trip to the market. The mother of the family I'm staying with told me that I had to visit "los chinos" before I left. For a split second I thought she was talking about trousers. Then the Spanish I learnt in school crept up on me. Chinos = Chinese people. WHAT??
In Gava, Chinos are the small stalls that Chinese people own by the seaside. Very weird and slightly un-PC (politically correct) if you ask me...

The experience was amazing though. I tried - and failed - to haggle in Spainsh. I bought some rare finds which I'll post later. Here's un pequito description of each photo:
1/2. Los Chinos
3. Some tasteless head scraves that only make sense when your by the beach
4. Jewelry 
5. Sweets
6.Yes, that is a mannequin in a wig shop. One word comes to mind, WHY
7. More bling


Changing Room Confessions

First shopping trip in ESPANA! We went to L'ANEC BLAU shopping center and it was amazing. Not only they have all the Spanish brands I heart (Zara, Pull and Bear, Massimo Dutti), they had air conditioning. I could have spent the rest of my trip there.
Of course I did a lot of shopping and bought more than expected which I'll post when I get back. I also found this little gem in Mango. It's part of the A/W11 collection and I love it. Try and keep me away from a slouchy knit, I dare you! Apparently the're on trend this season so booyah. Sadly I left it in the changing room, Why?? Because I had made a no.more-than-30-euros promise to my bank account. It was only 5 euros more but I stuck to my budget. I regret it already...

Apologies for the blackberry quality of the photo and my floral print underneath. There was no way I could wear trousers.


Welcome to Castelldefels

I hope you appreciated my photo shopping techniques in my Barcelona post! I have some bad news, my battery camera is about to die so there wont be as many photos of this wonderful holiday. 
It's my 3rd day here and all I can say is HOT, HUMID, HOT. I can hardly sleep at night it's so hot and I feel so urrrghhh. But then I step out onto the balcony and it's all worth it. I'm staying in Gava Playa, a 10 minute drive to Barcelona. I love it here.

These photos are from my day trip to Castelldefels, a village 5 minutes away from the flat. Here's a lovely description of each photo:
1. I took this photo at a bus station to prove that I was only a bus ride away from Barcelona!
2. The palm trees in front of the village church were amazing, I didn't expect that creepy man to be staring
3. The mayor's office was so colourful, I'd be happy to go and work there
4.  An interesting piece of architecture near the beach, it was a huge cube shape
5/6. The village church
7. This sweet hobo sitting near the giant cube (we had a great convo in Spanish)
8. A shifty guy selling pirated dvds - no I didn't buy any
9. Some of the flavours in an amazing gelateria. Seriously, they had all the flavours imaginable and then some

All in all twas a great day


Club Monaco Has Arrived

They're heeeeeere! Finally, the oh so chic Club Monaco has opened it's doors in Europe. First stop, Globus, GENEVA. A tram ride away from my house. I am so excited!  The american brand now has retailers in London, Paris and Stuttgart.
I love their effortless styling and they are my go to brand for affordable silk anythings. I discovered the brand on my first trip to Washington D.C. It was life B.B (yes, before blog) so sadly there are no internet worthy photos of my trip. I just hope that Club Monaco won't up their american prices to fit the European standard as many brands do...
Looks like I might just have to buy something to find out!


And away I go!

(Dora) Today at 18:20, if easyjet is on time, I will take off for....BARCELONA. I'm packing in a fury but have of course found time to procrastinate by creating this post!

I'm so anxious, I'm going with a Spanish family that I tutored last year. But my first Spanish experience wasn't that great. I went to Madrid and the city was so blah. Grey buildings, grey buildings and oh, more grey buildings. I did have a good time but I hope that Barcelona will make my artsy senses tingle.

Clothing wise I'm bringing summer essentials and MY NEW SWIMMING COSTUME! Seriously, it's amazing that a piece of material can just wipe the insecurities away.

Ayayah, I'm looking forward to the food haha